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Call for more informationSchool SMS Text Messaging Software

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SMS for SchoolsOnline School SMS software
Send School closure alerts via SMSSend School closure alerts via SMS
Receive SMS from Parents on your computerReceive SMS from Parents on your computer
Import contacts from your School Management SystemImport contacts from your School Management System

60 day money back guarenteeFAB SMS for Schools is a collection of software & services for the sending and receiving of SMS Text Messages within educational establishments. Implementing a School SMS system is very easy as we provide you with all the software you need to get started.

How can your School SMS software help us?

Our Grade A* system can provide the following benefits:

  • Notify Parents and Guardians rapidly of school closure due to bad weather
  • Reduce costs (notably telephone bills)
  • Reduce truancy
  • Free up your valuable time and the time of admin staff when contacting parents or responding to repetitive requests.
  • Increase parent involvement in their child’s education
  • Increase communication between teachers and parents
  • Remind Governors about up coming meetings
  • Allow pupils to contact the school privately and in confidence, using a communication channel they are comfortable with.
  • Dramatically reduce time taken to contact supply staff and arrange cover  when staff call in sick.
  • Impress the OFSTEAD inspector at his next visit…maybe.

A recent study by BECTA revealed that over two thirds of parents would like schools to use technologies such as text messaging and the internet to communicate more frequently. Currently only 8% use these methods with only 2% using text messaging.

What's included in your School SMS software package? (Show Details...)

In the FAB SMS for Schools Text Messaging System you receive all the following products and services. Details are as follows:

  • A multi user license of our popular FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook
    • Send SMS directly from MS Outlook
    • Send to large groups of recipients simultaneously
    • Use existing Outlook contacts to send messages
    • User defined message templates
    • Message compression (replaces certain words with Text Speak)
  • Access to Web SMS.
    • Send and receive SMS from a web browser anywhere anytime
    • Online SMS inbox
    • Online SMS contact list
    • Schedule SMS for anytime
    • Create and maintain distribution lists at the class, year or any other category level.
    • Send SMS to single parent or group of parents using distribution lists.
    • Send to mobile, landlines or both simultaneously
  • A dedicated UK geographic number to receive SMS messages
    • Your SMS geographic number doubles as a virtual fax also, allowing any fax sent to this number to be converted to an email and delivered to your office email inbox.
  •  SMS Keyword Software management software
    • Respond to keywords contained within inbound SMS Text messages
    • Forward SMS Text Messages to another mobile or group of mobiles (To a Teacher’s mobile or to all Governors for example)
    • Forward SMS to email
    • Configure to save inbound text messages to an online SMS inbox
    • Collect mobile numbers and automatically build up distribution lists
    • Send a SMS Autoresponse to a given keyword
    • Notify parents of school closue in event of power cut even if all computers are down.
  • Roughly 1500 included Text Messages to start sending straight away, with ability to purchase more at a reduced rate.
  • Advice, assistance & help to initially import your contact list into our Web SMS system.
  • User Manual1
  • Free Email, Telephone & SMS technical support

*** Additional Bonus software ***

Due to the way our systems are set up one user will also receive the following bonus software:

  • Text1066 – SMS on demand service
    • Get random quotes by Text Message, quotes can be bible proverbs, the analects of Confucius, word of the day etc. (Could be useful for inspiration as a theme for an assembly)

Screen Shots (Hide Details...)

send SMS online

SMS Property Details SMS Contact Inbound SMS options SMS Contacts
SMS InboxContactInbound OptionsContact List

FAB SMS for Schools features   (Hide Details...)

  Nursery SML
Send to over 130 GSM networks Yes over 130 different networks supported Yes over 130 different networks supported Yes over 130 different networks supported
Send to multiple recipients in one go (bulk sms) Send Bulk SMS Send Bulk SMS Send Bulk SMS
Send messages larger than 160 characters (up to 38,250 is possible) More than 160 characters More than 160 characters More than 160 characters
Send messages with a high priority (displays instantly on a handset) Send Flash SMS Send Flash SMS Send Flash SMS
User Accounts (1 User) (5 Users) (10 Users)
Send and Receive SMS Text Messages using Microsoft Outlook Send only Send and Receive SMS Text Messagings using Microsoft Outlook multi-user Send and Receive SMS Text Messagings using Microsoft Outlook multi-user
Send and Receive SMS via your Web Browser (Web SMS) Send only Send SMS online via your Web Browser Send SMS online via your Web Browser
Set the Sender ID on all messages Yes over 130 different networks supported Yes over 130 different networks supported Yes over 130 different networks supported
Dedicated inbound geograhic SMS number Optional +£59.95  Geographic Number Geographic Number
Set monthly sending limits for each user N/A Set monthly limits Set monthly limits
SMS Keyword Management software N/A SMS Keyword Management Software SMS Keyword Management Software
Receive Faxes as Email N/A Optional +£10 Fax to Email
Included messages Roughly 600 Roughly 600 Roughly 1500
Individual Message Cost** 6.8p per message 6.8p per message 6.8p per message
Cost £49.95
(per annum)
(per annum)
(per annum)

All prices quoted are in Pounds Stirling GBP and subject to VAT at 20% for Purchases within the EU.

Price per SMS are the same for all destinations countries/networks. The following exception apply:

  • Extra interconnect fee of GBP 5p for each SMS terminated in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Iran, Italy, Palau, Portugal.
  • Extra interconnect fee of GBP 1.8p for each SMS terminated in the following countries: Australia, Hungary, Indoesia, USA, Yemen
  • Extra interconnect fee of GBP 0.8p for each SMS terminated in the following countries: United Kingdom, South Korea, Tonga
  • Depending on the size of the message vCard and vCal messages may cost 2,3 or 4 messages each.

A complete list of SMS prices by country can be found here.

Typical price per message when sending to UK based networks: Standard 11.8p (inc VAT)  Professional 6.8p (ex VAT)

Important: FAB SMS for Schools is classed as professional SMS account so UK pricing will be 6.8p per message.

Lower message costs are achievable by purchasing larger message blocks. Message prices will not be higher that 6.8p regardless of quantities purchased in the future.

How to buy School SMS software  (Show details...)

There are two ways to obtain FAB SMS for Schools either purchasing online or submitting a purchase order. To purchase online click on the buy buttons above choosing your desired edition and complete the checkout process. To acquire the system using a purchase order click the button below and follow the intructions presented.

On completion of your purchase we will contact you to get your preference for your dedicated inbound SMS/Fax number which you can choose yourself from a selection of millions and provide you all the details you need to start sending & receiving SMS.

Typically you should be able to start sending SMS within an hour or so of purchase.

School SMS software FREE Trial  (Show details...)

Free trial

Open to all UK schools is a FREE 30 day trial of our innovative Text Messaging system for contacting parents, staff & suppliers.

To start your FREE trial follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Create a new account
Click the "Sign up" button below to create a FREE standard SMS sending account.
Step 2: Request FREE trial.
Logon to your account and request the free trial option.
Step 3: Await confirmation
FAB staff will validate your request and activate your 30 day free trial, sending you confirmation and details on how to access your account.

The free trial of FAB SMS for Schools is the complete and full version of our product with just a few restrictions. Only one designated mobile number can Text in and receive autoresponses, the free trial will make use of a shared geographic number so inbound FAX service will not be available.

Examples of services your school can provide using your FAB SMS Schools Edition. (Show Details...)

  • Send school closure alerts to all parents within seconds. Parents without mobile phones can have messages sent to landlines, if their landline is not configured to receive SMS then they will have a strange electronic voice reading the message out instead.
  • Allow parents to Text the schools to report absenteeism
  • Send SMS alerts to parents when a child fails to register at school and thus reduce truancy
  • Allow parents to Text the school and get an automated SMS back informing them of school closure, status of after school clubs & events, estimated arrival times of pupils returning from external trips or get back term dates/inset days etc
  • Allow teacher’s to text all parents in their class
  • Allow teachers to text individual parents to inform them of their child’s progress. This can be done in addition to parent evenings.
  • Allow parents to send SMS to a Teacher’s mobile or email. Messages are forwarded so the actual mobile number or email address of the teacher is not disclosed
  • Schedule reminders for Governor meetings
  • Create a distribution list of supply staff which you send a message to simultaneously reducing the need call each one individually when staff call in sick.
  • Allow pupils to report bullying anonymously via text message1
  • Provide a Homework hotline - pupils could send a text a requesting a callback from teacher who is on call to assist with particular difficult homework assignments.

Further reading. (Show Details...)

For more information about the use of Text Messaging Systems in schools take a look at the following resources (these are links to external websites):

FAB SMS for Schools Datasheet - Download a printer friendly datasheet in Adobe PDF format containing latest information, features and purchasing options for the FAB SMS for Schools system.

Future And Beyond (Show Details...)

Although not included in this edition the following features are scheduled for development and will appear soon.

  • Time sensitive keywords (respond differently based on time of day or day of the week)
  • SIMS integration
  • Enhanced delivery reports and summaries
  • Email To SMS
  • After school club autoresponse manager
  • Outlook Mobile service integration
  • vCal and Appointment reminder system
  • Network Lookup (data cleansing)
  • Mobile location detector

1) A dedicated school user manual is currently in development and will be made available as soon as possible. Existing WebSMS & Outlook SMS manuals are available

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