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Receive SMS as email UK Virtual Mobile Number

Receive SMS Text Messages (Texts) on a Virtual Mobile Number

Receiving SMS Text messages on a UK Virtual Mobile Number provides a very robust and effective way of mobilising your business. Received SMS Text Messages can be converted into an email, sent to script or stored on our servers for later retrieval. Your Virtual Mobile Number looks just like any other ordinary mobile number eg 07123456789 but are provided virtually ie Can receive SMS text messages but not voice traffic.

Save inbound SMS to online inboxSaves to online SMS inbox
SMS to emailSend to an Email address
Return a SMS AutoresponseSend a SMS Autoresponse
Add SMS to contactsCapture and store sender's mobile number
SMS KeywordsCreate and manage keywords
SMS ForwardingForward to another mobile or group of mobiles

Why a Virtual Mobile Number?

Previously, the domain of large corporations, inbound text messaging services have generally been out of the price bracket of most small companies, with the registration of Short Codes costing anywhere up to £800 a month and keywords on shared Short Codes from £50 a month. Being able to communicate with staff, customers or running SMS marketing campaigns, used to be an expensive luxury for most small businesses. A Virtual Mobile Number changes all this.

Virtual Mobile Numbers (Long Numbers) may not have the same appeal as Short Codes for Text in services but at a fraction of the cost and with pretty much the same functionality and more in some cases then you know a Virtual Mobile Number makes sense.

  • A Virtual Mobile Number has a low annual cost (£199.95+VAT) compared to Short Codes
  • No cost to receive inbound messages (sender pays their standard network rate)
  • Can receive SMS traffic from all UK networks and nearly all Worldwide operators
  • Send SMS Autoresponders (Sender account required)
  • Reply to inbound messages either via WebSMS or SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook
  • Forward SMS to Email, HTTP, another mobile, group of mobiles and/or store in your online SMS inbox.
  • Respond to keywords in received messages.
  • High throughput 10-20 messages per second

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Worldwide Coverage

Unlike our Inbound SMS Geographic numbers that can only receive SMS from UK mobiles, your Virtual Mobile Number can accept SMS from virtually all Worldwide networks (more specifically any network able to send to Vodafone UK). Senders of International SMS will need to prefix your number with the UK international dialing code "44". If you expecting a lot of overseas traffic and you want to provide a number local to your customers then SIM Hosting may be for you. For example a Virtual Spanish Mobile Number 34626123456 for instance.

2-way SMS

When coupled with Web SMS and the multi-faceted FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook programs that sends SMS Text Messages (Texts) directly from the Web and Outlook, your Virtual Mobile Number can receive the SMS replies straight back into an online SMS inbox or back into MS Outlook as an email providing 2-way SMS.

Received SMS Messages can also be replied to by following a link on the email you receive which takes you to secure webpage where you enter your response message and send to the originators mobile. A SMS Sending account is required for this facility.

SMS Keywords

Your Virtual Mobile Number also has the capability to respond to keywords found in the inbound SMS message and react accordingly. Multiple keywords can be created to respond to inbound SMS, forwarding to different departments or persons. Different Autoresponses can also be created providing a very rich and interactive experience for your customers, staff and users. For more information on our SMS Keyword Software please visit the dedicated product page.

SMS To Email

So what does the email you receive look like and what information do you see? The infomation you get includes the message of course but you also receive the originators number, the number that it was sent to (in case you have more than one registered Virtual Mobile Number or Geographic numbers. The Time the message was sent a unique message ID, UDH information if supplied and our signature with contact information in case of support. For more information click the image below.

Click for more info on SMS to Email

How do I Buy?

The Virtual Mobile Number registration process if very straight forward. Click "Buy Now" below to add a number to your shopping cart and complete checkout process. You'll need to create a user account with but this free. Your Number should be ready to use within 24-48 hours. At present we can only accept registrations for an entire year.

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Receive SMS as email UK Virtual Mobile Number