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SMS Keyword Manager (Text Messaging Software)

SMS Keyword Manager Text Messaging Software Logo

The FAB SMS Keyword Manager is Text Messaging Software for the processing of inbound SMS based on keywords found within a message. Message responses could be; forwarding the message on to email address, another mobile, saving to your online SMS inbox, sending an auto response straight back and much much more.

  • Route SMS messages appropriately based on message content
  • Build up a very focused mobile contact list
  • Save time responding to repetitive/recurring queries
  • Provide a SMS on demand service
  • Protect privacy: Forward SMS to different departments/staff by only giving out a single mobile number

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the first word or words contained in a SMS message sent to you by customers, staff, parents or prospects. The keywords can be any length or any number of words (a keyphrase for example). You can set up and define as many keywords/keyphrases as you wish.

How does it work?

Customers, Staff and/or prospects compose and send a Text Message containing your keyword(s) to your dedicated number eg Text "A Keyword" to 07123456789 for example. When a SMS message is received on one of our UK Geographic numbers, Virtual Mobile Numbers or Virtual hosted SIM's, software scans the start of the message and compares this to keywords/keyphrases defined by you. When a match is made the software then invokes the actions you have specified. These actions can be any or all of the following:

  • Save the SMS message to an online SMS inbox
  • Forward SMS to an email address
  • Forward SMS to another mobile number
  • Forward message to a group of mobile numbers
  • Reply with a SMS Autoresponse
  • Capture the senders number and store as a contact that can be used with WebSMS to send SMS messages to in the future
  • Store newly created contacts on distribution lists for use with WebSMS
  • Forward SMS details to another application via HTTP

Possible Uses

The shear number of potential uses is enormous here are just a few we can think of:

  • Estate Agents can include a unique Identifier on "Sale" boards which Texts back additional particulars and captures a prospect's mobile number.
  • Schools running after school clubs could Text back whether a particular club is on or postponed.
  • Restaurateurs could add keywords on menus. Further information about a particular meal; the calorific content, ingredients, chef description, history, suitable wine recommendations etc. coupled with capturing the sender's mobile number which can be used in the future for sending special offers or events notification.
  • Motor sales could include unique identifiers on print avertising to Text back extra information on vehicles for sale, increasing the power and effectiveness of the advert.
  • Schools could allow parents to Text a teacher directly or businesses specific departments by giving out a single mobile number with inbound messages sent to an "in class PC" or mobile of a department head eg Text "Mr Jones" Text "Sales" to 07123456789
  • Simple Competitions & polls could be offered


The FAB SMS Keyword manager Text Messaging Software is a free upgrade to our inbound SMS products, as such you will need one of these products before you can use the SMS Keyword manager. The inboud SMS products include UK Geographic Numbers, Virtual Mobile Numbers and SIM Hosting

How to buy our Keyword Text Messaging Software

After purchasing your dedicated SMS number whether that is a UK Geographic Number, Virtual Mobile Number or Virtual SIM Hosting your number will automatically be upgraded with the Keyword Manager software.


The FAB SMS Keyword Manager Text Messaging Software is a free upgrade to all our inbound SMS number products and as such is included in the price of these products.

Future Direction

The following features are not included in the current release but will appear in future versions. These enhancements we be automatically included as part of your yearly subscription incurring no additional costs:

  • Stand alone desktop autoresponder - a new interface for managing just the autoreponses for defined keywords accessible from your desktop
  • SMS Polls - a system for creating and managing polls
  • Time sensitive keywords - keywords respond different depending on the time of the day/day of the week etc
  • Sequential autoresponders - after the initial SMS autoresponse has been sent additional & different autoresponders could be sent at regular intervals.
  • MMS autoresponders and/or WAP push messages
  • SMS Competition Manager - a system for managing your competitions (this might actually be a full price upgrade we're not sure yet)
  • FAB generated autoresponse content for reserved/special keywords. Aimed at Restaurateurs & Bar/Club owners we will provide a feature to encourage customers to opt into your mobile mailing lists.

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