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SMS Autoresponders

Autoresponders provide and automatic response to incoming SMS Text Messages. You send SMS Text Message to an Autoresponder enabled UK Geographic number or Virtual Mobile Number and get back a preset piece of information by Text Message.

Working similarly to email autoresponders but with a few restrictions such as messages limited 160 characters, autoresponders can provide out-of-office notifications, confirmations or status information

Why use SMS Autoresponders

One of the main benefits of using autoresponders is the immediate response 24 hours a day 7 days a week, particularly valuable for online businesses where the faster the response the better.

Where manual responses to routine questions are required, autoresponders can come into their own. For example,

  • Schools could allow parents to contact them via Text and when the school is closed for bad weather the autoresponder could be switched on to Text Back these details.
  • Bands out gigging could have autoresponders enabled to tell fans where they are appearing next.
  • Help Desks could report they've received your message and dealing with your enquiry
  • Restaurants could reply with opening hours or special offers

In addition to providing autoresponders our inbound SMS numbers allow messages to be converted into email and sent to a inbox of your choice. See the relevant product pages for more details.

What does it cost?

SMS Autoresponders are automatically included with our inbound SMS numbers (virtual mobile numbers and UK Geographic Numbers) and can be switched on or off at any time. The response SMS Text Message is deducted from your SMS Sending account and charged at your current tarrif (from as little as 6p per message depending on destination)

Configuring Autoresponders

Configuring your autoresponders is achieved by logging onto your account and navigating to the "Inbound SMS Options" menu option. From there you can set whether to have autoresponders enabled, the message to send and the Sender ID to use. If you have multiple Inbound Numbers registered you'll have the ability to set a different Sender ID for each.

SMS Autoresponder screenshot

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